Counseling is a therapeutic communication treatment. As opposed to traditional psychotherapy, counseling is a short-term process aimed to identify specific problems and to work through defined crises in order to promote a change of behavior to eventually resolve the issue.

It is particularly suitable during the perinatal period to address the issues associated with this time of transformation. It is particularly useful to help new parents to express their ambivalent emotions and discomforts in a non-judgmental context, to activate their inner resources, and to empower both moms and dads by strengthening their confidence in parental skills, facilitating the acceptance of their new identities, but also in helping navigate through particularly difficult times of loss and grief.


Becoming a parent is meant to be a time of joy but it often does not live up to expectation. External pressures placed on families as well as the internal pressures that individuals may place on themselves may give rise to a huge diversity of issues when having, or trying for, a baby. A lot of new parents at one point might experience the feeling of having failed in their most important and desired role. Feeling lost, unfit and guilty is common and can lead to anxiety and depression. Moreover,  parenthood is a life revolutionizing event during which a lot of our past personal history reemerges and can catch us unprepared. Counseling might help to re-organize and make sense of your feelings and re-focus on your needs.

About What?

Fertility issues and assisted conception
Unexpected fetal, neonatal or infant outcomes
Perinatal loss
Unwanted pregnancy
Birth trauma
Adjustment following a premature birth
Adjustment to parenthood
Antenatal and postnatal depression
Antenatal and postnatal anxiety
Difficulties feeling attached or bonded with your baby
Changes in the relationship with your partner
Lack of enjoyment in parenting
Feeling irritable or guilty
Feeling overwhelmed
Single parenthood
Same sex parenting


According to an old African saying  'it takes a village to raise a child'. This means that having a baby is a family affair and for this reason  everyone in the family is affected by the arrival of a new member. The wellbeing of all members of your family is important (mother, father, infant, siblings, grandparents).  I do not only attend to the emotional health of mothers, but consider the impact of struggles on all members of the family.


Perinatal counseling helps coping with all early parenthood related issues, from the desire to have a baby until the third year of life of your child. There is not a right or wrong time for seeking help. If you experience difficulties in dealing with a specific situation or coping with your feelings and emotions, reach out. 


Counseling is available for individual, couple or family sessions. In specific cases, it is also possible to arrange home visits during pregnancy and in the early weeks after delivery. Skype sessions are also available. For more information or to book an appointment please contact me

My fees are the following: • Office appointment (50 mins): 150 CHF • Online session (60 mins): 120 CHF
• Home visit (50 mins): 175 CHF

Some of the costs might be covered by your complementary insurance. Contact them to know how and how much.