The New Mums' Circle

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Becoming a mom is probably the most challenging experience in a woman’s life, however in our society the arrival of a new baby is always depicted just as a joyful and fulfilling moment. This view leads to some unrealistic expectations in new mothers and therefore unexpected emotions and struggles during the delicate time of the post-partum period can be difficult to understand and to accept. During these meetings we will discuss together some of the issues associated with the amazing transformation of a woman into a mother. In particular, the group is aimed to:

1.   inform and educate about topics such ‘baby blues’ and the emotional changes that can occur after childbirth

2.   foster discussion and provide support in a non-judgmental and protected environment

3.   help create connections and future relationships. 

Meetings are held fortnightly on Friday from 10.30 till 12.00 at Praxiszentrum Arcus, in Thawil. Each meeting is 25 CHF. After the first time, you can join the Circle with a membership of 150 CHF (which will include your first attendance) or decide to pay as you go. With the membership you will be able to join as many times as you want until your baby's first birthday. 

If you are interested but you are not yet ready to try it out you can have your email address included in the mailing list, so that you can receive reminders about the meetings and be informed about the next topic. You will receive one email every two weeks and you will be able to cancel at any time. Your information will be used just for the purpose of the New Mums' Circle and won't be shared with third parties. If you want to join the mailing list click here

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this group just for mums struggling with post-natal mood disorders such as post-partum depression and anxiety?

No, this group is for all mothers with babies between 0 and 12 months. However, even if not specifically intended for mothers suffering from depression and anxiety, I think it could be beneficial also for them, not as a therapy, but as a way to share their experiences and connect with other mums.

  • Can I come with my baby?

Yes! Of course! The group is 100% baby friendly. There will be a soft space with toys for the babies and a space for changing diapers. You will be free to feed them, cuddle them and console them if they need it at any time during the meeting.

  • How is the meeting structured?

I will always have a topic ready and I will propose an easy activity to do together in order to get the discussion started. However mums will be the leaders and they will be free to suggest a specific subject they would like to talk about. Depending on the topic of discussion there might be a little space during which I will talk about facts and data in order to give you some information and tools to support you.

  • What kind of topics will be discussed?

Some of the topics will be: negative emotions, unexpected challenges, isolation and changes in social life, birth experience, partnership balance, but also more practical things such as sleep and going back to work. 

  • Why should I join with a membership?

A group like this works better when the participants know and trust each other. A membership helps to ensure a continuity within the group and foster a climate of familiarity and friendship. As feelings and emotions will be in play, and some people might not be willing or ready to share their experiences, the first meeting is treated differently, in order to let you understand if the New Mums' Circle is a good fit for you.